Sailing boat Dufour Grand Large 520

Sailing yacht Dufour Grand Large 520 combines style, innovation, comfort and elegance.

The experienced and visionary Dufour Yachts team, together with the architect Umberto Felci, have completely reimagined the aesthetic and functional aspects of the Grand Large series to create this exceptional yacht. The 52-foot flagship model of the Dufour 520 cruise line offers more space for relaxation and entertainment, and onboard living space has been created to combine a cozy atmosphere with the most modern design.

The new Dufour 520 features a redesign of the binnacles to more closely resemble the control panel on a superyacht. The sleek steering wheels support two layers of navigation electronics, including chartplotters at the top where they are clearly visible to the helmsman, and instruments, compasses, and additional throttle and steering controls where the hand can quickly find them. Two sets of winches are within reach of the helms, making it possible to fly this large boat on your own.

Major enhancements to the Dufour 520 are also centered around the aft cockpit, where Dufour has revolutionized an open galley complete with grill, sink, and space for a gas cylinder. In addition to the standard stern platform, an optional dual level bathing platform is also available, which is electronically controlled. A rather large refrigerator for drinks and snacks is integrated inside the cockpit table, and cup holders are installed on the table top.

The inner galley is transverse and bifurcated along the sides. Two parts of the galley allow several chefs to work in the kitchen at the same time without interfering with each other. A folding table has been added to the salon, with the ability to be set in three positions, from a small coffee table to a huge dining table that is electronically controlled. The origami nautical table is located opposite the dining area and adjusts to stay level regardless of the angle of the boat. There is a wine cellar under the floorboards in the salon.

The 9/10 fractional rig supports a traditional mainsail or mainsail roll, and has a sail area of 100 m2. The optional gennaker will make the Dufour 520's sleek hull swoop downwind, and at the same time smoothly with its 2.3m L-shaped keel.

Sailing life

planning planning view planning planning view planning planning view planning planning view
Length, m15.20
Width, m4.80
Draft, m2.30
Displacement, t15245
Sail area, m2100.80
Fresh water, l720
Fuel, l450
ArchitectUmberto felci

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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