Motor yacht Elling E4

The Dutch motor yacht "Elling" is the dream of many less seaworthy and autonomous motor yacht owners, the dream of those who want to walk and walk far, with maximum comfort and safety.

The Elling E4 motor yacht is a lengthened version of the Elling E3 yacht, which is achieved by adding volume in the middle of the hull. Having added 1.15 m in length while maintaining the width and draft, the E4 naturally increased its displacement, but this did not affect the speed and efficiency, since the greater length-to-width ratio compensated for the loss of speed from the increase in displacement. It was three Elling E4 yachts that made the transatlantic voyage in December 2008, having covered 2,585 miles in 15 days and 6 hours, surpassing the previous achievements of comparable displacement motor yachts in terms of range, speed and economy! Not just a beautiful declaration of unique seaworthiness, but a convincing fact, which was widely responded to by the foreign and domestic press. Along with this, Elling yachts also account for transcontinental crossings from Holland to the Black Sea along the intra-European system of rivers and canals, with further access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Sailing life

planning planning view
Length, m14.95
Width, m4.25
Draft, m1.25
Displacement, t16
Fresh water, l800
Fuel, lfrom 1500 to 2500
ArchitectAndreani Design

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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