Dufour Grand Large 360

The sailing yacht Dufour Grand Large 360 is designed for long distances. This model offers the perfect balance between reliability and performance, and its hull is great for long cruises and thrill seekers.

The large sail area allows for maximum speeds, the two-level deck guarantees perfect visibility, and the open cockpit provides high-class comfort on long voyages.

This model has been designed to provide maximum freedom and convenience while providing stylish design and maximum functionality. The interior embodies the brand's charm down to the smallest detail - the perfect balance between traditional know-how and innovation, bold elegant lines and high-quality materials.

Dufour 360 is a new generation yacht from Dufour Yachts

Sailing life

planning planning view planning planning view planning planning view
Length, m10.28
Width, m3.54
Draft, m1.90
Displacement, t5.674
Sail area, m260
Fresh water, l220
Fuel, l160
ArchitectUmberto felci
Engine19 h.p.
Mainsail34.5 m²
Genoa25.5 m²
Basic Price139 810 €

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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