Motor yacht Elling E3

Dutch motor yachts Elling is the best selling motor yacht in Europe and America of comparable motor yachts

The motor yacht Elling E3 is the first-born of the family of Dutch yachts "Elling" and has undergone some changes over the years of production: the shape of the stern has changed, the decorative elements of the wheelhouse have changed. With three cabins and two saloons, the Elling E3 has one toilet and one shower as standard. Nevertheless, as options, a second toilet and a second shower room can be installed, and then it is practically not inferior to the older brother Elling E4, the only difference is that the cockpit and aft cabin are shortened by 1.15 m.

The Dutch motor yacht "Elling" is the dream of many less seaworthy and autonomous motor yacht owners, the dream of those who want to walk and walk far, with maximum comfort and safety.

Sailing life

planning planning view
Length, m13.80
Width, m4.25
Draft, m1.20
Displacement, t14.5
Fresh water, l800
Fuel, l1500
ArchitectAndreani Design
Engine180 h.p. Volvo Penta

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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