Expedition 65-foot yacht ELLING E6

The flagship of the Elling E6 range is a semi-displacement yacht of the "Round the World" class

The creation of the flagship was preceded by seventeen years of experience in the production by the shipbuilding association "NEPTUNE MARINE SHIPBUILDING BV" of the smaller ocean-going yachts Elling E3 and E4 with lengths of 13.8 m and 14.9 m, respectively, more than 300 of them have already been built (the association has also built about 1000 Neptunus yachts ranging from 43 to 78 feet ), and demand for Elling yachts is still high. It's all about the unique concept of Elling yachts - “universal travelers”, having no analogues in their class in terms of seaworthiness, economy and comfort.

All these family traits of success are completely inherited by the flagship Elling - the older brother model E6. Considering that the E6 was created, in practice, by the method of interpolating the parameters of E4, it can be argued that, while retaining all the design features of smaller yachts, the new model reaches a higher level of tactical and technical characteristics and luxury - seaworthiness, autonomy and habitability will be much higher. The family's thoroughbred oceanic brutality of the Elling brand, combined with new dimensions, implicitly creates a feeling of freedom, confidence and vague dissatisfaction with a sedentary life.

Sailing life

planning planning view
Length, m19,80
Width, m5,40
Draft, m1,40
Displacement, t38
Fresh water, l1100
Fuel, l5000
Engine Volvo Penta D13 900 / Volvo Penta D 2 75

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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