Dufour 37

The Dufour 37 is the only yacht of its size to offer so much living space on board.

The hull of the Dufour 37, like its older brother the Dufour 470, is built using die casting for proper weight control, greater strength and respect for the environment.

Thanks to optimized volumes and a large bow, the Dufour 37 offers a very spacious bow cabin with excellent headroom.

Whether it is a three or two cabin version with a large bathroom, the interior of this model is flooded with light thanks to the large central hull windows.

Dufour's DNA

All of the Dufour DNA has been preserved: enjoy spacious living spaces.

The Dufour 37 benefits from the core innovations that have made the Dufour 470 so successful: the bowsprit platform, large deck hatches and portholes, and a clever layout that makes it easy to navigate around the deck. You will also enjoy a larger cockpit than other yachts of this size.

On board this new model, as with all the latest models in the range, the focus has been on permanent residence on the yacht.

Sailing life


In terms of the seaworthiness of this yacht, she has a modern and strong hull as seen on offshore racing boats, but with a slightly rounded lower hull that contributes to less water resistance while reducing noise inside the yacht. This new hull shape provides a better speed-to-weight ratio for this 10.8 meter overall length boat: handling is improved and the helmsman enjoys it no matter which course you are sailing into the wind. On this new model, and especially when compared to other models in this size category, the mast has been lengthened to increase the sail area and make this yacht even faster. The Dufour 37, like its predecessor the Dufour 360, has one rudder and two rudders. With only one rudder blade, you get great responsiveness at all speeds, especially when maneuvering in a marina.


Two layouts are available for the interior.

In the two cabin version, you can enjoy a very large bathroom (and a large external storage locker) as well as two independent cabins, including the owner's cabin at the front. Six berths are possible thanks to the table in the saloon, which transforms into a berth.

The three-cabin version of the Dufour 37 can accommodate up to eight guests. In both layouts, you'll find the owner's stateroom forward, a size and comfort rarely seen on a yacht of this length.

The hull and overhead windows have been enlarged to add even more light to the saloon's cozy living space. This area cleverly accommodates the galley, saloon and dining area, and the two-cabin version also includes a small writing desk that can be used as a chart table.

planning planning view planning planning view
Length, m10.77 (including bowsprit)
Width, m3.8
Draft, m1.90
Displacement, t6747
Ballast weight, t1860
Sail area, m260
Fresh water, l180
Fuel, l160
ArchitectFelci Yacht Design
Sailing categoryA
Engine18.8 HP
Mainsail33 m²
Genoa25.9 m²

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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