Sailing boat Dufour Grand Large 460

Sailing yacht Dufour Grand Large 460 combines exceptional performance and pure comfort. No sailing enthusiast can resist her new hull and deck design.

This 13m cruising yacht is easy to fly and optimized for cruising, with three different seating options, improved living spaces, comfortable cabins, ergonomic steering wheel and optimal engine control.

Dufour Yachts teamed up with architect Umberto Felci to create the perfect seating area, with an external galley equipped with an Eno Plancha grill, long deck seats, and a wide aft transom. The transom swim platform is electronically raised and lowered and adds three feet to the boat's total length when open. The cockpit table includes a refrigerator and the port seat converts into a spacious bed.

The lines of the Dufour Grand Large 460 deck are transformed by handrails and wood paneling, while the portholes create bright and elegant interior spaces. The deckhouse roof is low, the hatches are secret, and the side decks are wide. Nothing interferes with the rapid advance to the bow, where the bow rail passes into the bowsprit. The low boom allows crew members of all sizes to easily retract the mainsail in minutes. The tall body provides deep enough compartments, which in turn provide stability.


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This model is discontinued - replacement with the latest development of the Dufour 470 shipyard

Length, m14.15
Width, m4.50
Draft, m2.20
Displacement, t10.760
Sail area, m299.80
Fresh water, l530
Fuel, l250
ArchitectUmberto felci
Engine55 h.p.
Mainsail52.80 m²
Genoa47 m²

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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