Ocean cruiser Garcia Trawler 54

Naval architect Guy Saillard has used his extensive trawler design experience to create a true masterpiece - the aluminum motor yacht Garcia Trawler 54.

The optimized shape and lines of the hull are designed for a full load of 32 tons, while drag and fuel consumption are minimized, and the long keel provides the yacht with stability and maneuverability.

The living area of the ocean cruiser is completely isolated from the hull above the waterline, from the deck, deckhouse and superstructure by glued panels from Duracore. The non-slip coating is used in all necessary areas, and the matt finish of the brushed aluminum surfaces is covered with a colorless varnish.

The GT54 hull contains 10 portholes, 2 side boarding entrances for easy mooring, and 1 transom entry for platform access. The bow and stern thrusters are remotely controlled from the wheelhouse and flybridge.

Garcia Trawler 54 is a yacht for those who value reliability, safety, comfort and the amount of space on board. There are several seating plans, from a two-cabin version with a huge master stateroom, to three different three-cabin versions, to a four-cabin version that can freely accommodate 8 people on board.

Sailing life

planning planning view planning planning view planning planning view
Length, m17.20
Width, m4.90
Draft, m1.68
Displacement, t26
Fresh water, l540
Fuel, l5,200
ArchitectGuy saillard

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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