Sailing yacht Dufour Grand Large 390

Dufour Grand Large 390 is a new generation of yachts in the cruise line of the French shipyard Dufour Yachts. The new hull design was designed by architect Umberto Felci, who brings the new Grand Large cruising yacht range as close as possible to the Exclusive range, with all its innovations, including bulwark integration and great hull shape. In addition, generous bow volume and modern stern lines make this hull more spacious and functional.

The research at the heart of the new Dufour 390 Grand Large has optimized the balance between maximum navigation efficiency and the need to offer customers more and better operational volumes of interior space. The new hull, wide and flat, finds its maximum expression in the wind, but it is very effective even against the wind, thanks, above all, to the new and improved design from stern to bow.

The new deck design is also a complete redesign and balancing between stunning aesthetic qualities, the right amount of space for each area on board, and ingenious integration of new features. The roof ratios of the Dufour 390 saloon have evolved over its Grand Large predecessors and now offer more interior space while maintaining the pleasing width of the side aisles as a distinctive value for Dufour sailing yachts. The outboard equipment enhances the yacht's comfort and thus standards, demonstrating the consistent evolution of her standard equipment.

Sailing yacht Dufour Grand Large 390 has all the know-how in terms of interior layout and interiors, including durable and functional furniture. The cabins and bathrooms are spacious and finished using high quality materials such as moabi, oak and teak. The standard configuration has been heavily upgraded with USB connectors, LED lights and various accessories, as well as an increase in equipment such as a boiler from 20 liters to 40 liters.


planning planning view planning planning view planning planning view planning planning view
planning planning view planning planning view
Length, m11.93
Width, m3.99
Draft, m1.95
Displacement, t7.491
Sail area, m271
Fresh water, l380
Fuel, l200
ArchitectUmberto felci
Engine30 h.p. / 40 hp
Mainsail40 m²
Genoa31 m²
Basic Price164 400 €

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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