Sailing yacht RM 1070

Visiting the capital of sailing yachting in France, the city of La Rochelle, you will certainly notice bright blotches among the whiteness of the hulls in the marina. These are RM yachts from the local shipyard Fora Marine.

These sturdy boats, with colored hulls, are the darlings of the Atlantic coast boaters, and the RM 1070 is one of the shipyard's most popular models. These yachts are in great demand among serious yachtsmen, mainly due to the very laborious and painstaking process of building RM.nn yachts Optionally, instead of fiberglass there can be Kevlar, and then the hull is not inferior to carbon in strength and rigidity, and surpasses it in durability and price! The deck and deckhouse are made of fiberglass, which allows for graceful lines of the exterior design. As a result, we get a light, durable and, accordingly, fast boat. RM has repeatedly won the title of Yacht of the Year in the Fast Family Cruiser category. The yachts are designed for family crews, which means your family will not feel a lack of comfort on board. Versions with one, two and lifting keels, suitable for any sailing program.

Length, m11.44
Width, m4.00
Draft, mtw 1.72 / sngl 2.05 / lift1.15-2.92
Displacement, t4900.00
Sail area, m275.20
Fresh water, l2 x 95
Fuel, l80.00
ArchitectMarc lombard design
Basic Price189 900

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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