AGA Marine Spirit 640


We will install the engine profitably, customs clearance, bring it, put it on record.nTechnical data: nHull length (LH) 6.4 mnTotal length (Lmax) 6.7mnTotal width (Bmax) 2.68mnWaterline width (BWL) 1.92mnHull immersion ( Tc) 0.4 mn Immersion of housing with motor 0.9 mn Weight (empty with motor) (mLCC) max. 890 kgnMass without motor 560 kgnMass with a single-axle trailer, max motor ready in motion 1310 kgnMaximum load (category B / C) (mMTL) 790 kg / 1035 kgnHeight above the waterline (H) 2.0 mnMotor power 140 - 225 PSnHypalon: Orca cylinder (snow white / arctic gray) nDiameter of the cylinder 53 cmn5-chamber safety system with a repair kit and a pump.nCategory Category B - admission for 6 peoplenCategory C - admission for 8 peoplenVerification certificate: Polish carabiner registernumber OR / RCD / 195 / 2006n2 years of warranty (factory warranty)

AGA Marine SPIRIT 640

The shape of the SPIRIT 640 is elegant and slender. In knowledgeable circles it is called the “most beautiful” boat of its class, the SPIRIT wins over with its speed and uncompromising handling.

The boat offers versatile and particularly comfortable interior space.

Very beautifully styled and brilliantly finished, SPIRIT 640 stands up to the toughest demands in the field of water sports.

A peak speed of 57 knots with a 225 horsepower engine and a 21 ”propeller will make your hobby a fun adventure.

KEY FEATURES: Fiberglass hull and Hypalon ORCA® 828, five separate cylinder system safety chambers with pressure relief valves, deck with six lockers (total load capacity 1225 L), rear pillars with equipment spoiler, steering console and two watertight glove compartments, front seats, sofa for two in front of the wheelhouse, aft sofa for three with rear head restraints, windshield.

Stainless steel elements (polished to AISI 316 standard): foldable retractable swim ladder aft, handrails (3 x front, 2 for the rear group of passengers, 3 x aft), five cleats, antenna bases, flag carrier, flood fuel neck, anchor bracket.

Electrical equipment: 100 Ah battery, main switch, fuse panel with 7 separate circuit breakers, radio preparation for the radio, radio pocket with a waterproof cover and two marine speakers (? 13 cm), navigation lights on the starboard and port sides - district light and anchor light installed on the spoiler ... Deck lighting (2x mounted at the feet on the left side of the wheelhouse), lighting for the rear sofa group (1x mounted in the spoiler), signal horn.

A water ski compartment is built into the deck (177 cm), a water ski bracket is located in the middle above the engine, a fiberglass antenna (1.5 m detachable), an automatic bilge pump, an air pump, a repair kit for Hypalon®.

Built-in stainless steel fuel tank (175 l), fuel tank drain, fuel filler neck.

 Additional options:

  • aft glove compartment
  • sun awning
  • chaise lounge
  • HiFi CD Radio
  • teak finish
  • 7.5 kg stainless steel anchor
  • floor passage for anchor rope (Bodendurchgang fuer Ankerleine)
  • retractable bollard made of stainless steel
  • stainless steel handrails near the steering wheel
  • two bow thrusters
  • hydraulic power steering
  • additional on-board battery 100 Ah
  • additional Bosch fuel filter
  • cover for transportation and parking
  • cart
  • special trailer for SPIRIT 640 - single or double axle


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