Cruise yacht for long voyages

Year: 2014
Price: $ 200,000 USA.

Length: 18 m
Width: 5.24 m
Board height: 3.75 m
Freeboard: 1300 mm
Draft: 2.9 m
Body material: Steel
Superstructure material: Steel
Carrying capacity: 4 t
Displacement: 37 t
In false keel ballast: 5.5 t
Speed: Mach. 10 knots
Cruising speed: 8 knots
Main sail area: 205 m2
Fuel reserves: 2000l with level sensor and filter
Fresh water reserves: 1000 l
Passenger seats: 10-12
Crew: 2

Bow Truster: 15l / forces Toshiba
Power supply type: 24v DC (12v, 220v)
Total power: 94kW / 125hp (Engine: Diesel, YANMAR 4JH3-DTE)
Double cooling circuit with external filter

Rescue equipment: Life jackets 12 + 2, life raft for 12 people, 2 life buoys with a line, flares, flares, fire extinguishers.
Number of cabins: 4 + 1 (Two separate toilets with washstands and shower).

The yacht is equipped with special batteries:
11 pieces of 200A / h each, for the internal equipment of the systems, also 1-n accumulator for 190A / h for the start of the main engine + 2 accumulators of 190A / h each for the bow thruster and anchor spire + 1-n accumulator for 100A / h starting for diesel generators, all batteries 2016 y / production

The boiler heats water through the 220v power supply line and, when the main engine is operating, with the second engine cooling circuit.
Refrigerator 24v, runs on batteries all the time
Diesel generator main, marine version with seawater cooling.
Additional generator, portable: 3.8kW "Fisher Panda"

Additional equipment:
1. A TV set with an antenna on a mast, which increases the signal reception range.
2. Electric drive for autonomous winding of sails! All sails are controlled from the aft cockpit.
3. A sloop beams with fasteners and a holder for "Brig" are installed on the karma.

In 2009 keel laying act. The yacht hull was purchased in France.
In 2014 the yacht was launched. Individual construction at the Liman Shipyard, Nikolaev.
In 2016 Completion of additional equipment was carried out.

Cruise yacht "Olga" designed for long journeys and long-distance expeditions - this is a comfortable 18-meter sailing-motor yacht with an unlimited sailing area. The yacht is well controlled both under sail and on the engine.

For the convenience of passengers, the yacht has a second cockpit with a separate entrance and 4 passenger cabins.

The yacht is equipped with a boiler, a TV with the ability to connect flash memory cards, a coffee machine, a radio, a large refrigerator with a freezer, a diesel generator, a two-burner diesel stove for cooking.

In the aft cockpit there is a control post - a steering column with navigation devices located on it.
The cockpit has a deck shower with hot and cold water.

There is also a BRIG RIB 360 traveling boat with a rigid hull and a 16-horsepower outboard motor for 5 people.
The yacht has a fuel reserve of over 2 tons, which allows more than 1000 miles to go under the engine and with the generator running.

Fresh water reserves are one ton.

Flag: Ukraine
Dislocation in Odessa. Viewing at any time by prior arrangement.
The yacht and documents are in perfect order.
The price is 200,000 dollars. USA.


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