Trimaran NEEL 65 Evolution

The NEEL 65 Evolution trimaran is a truly unique concept that is ideal for the luxury charter market and creates a wonderful cruise platform for private clients.

Lightweight, the NEEL 65 has an excellent performance, allowing owners and guests to enjoy immersive adventures. The flybridge NEEL 65 Evolution is equipped with a lounge terrace, helm station and sail control systems. The luxurious layout of the flagship of the NEEL Trimarans line includes simply a huge Cockloon (Cockpit + Salon) that can accommodate up to 14 people, a second lounge area with a sea view equipped with a sofa and a table located in front of the salon, a spacious and ingeniously designed galley, as well with a chic view and seamlessly integrated into the living space, unusually large countertops and numerous storage lockers, which are essential for such a large cruising yacht.nn All versions of the NEEL 65 Evolution trimaran include double cabins with their own bathrooms. On the main deck there is one huge owner's cabin, 1 or 2 double cabins in the main hull, depending on the version, and one double cabin in each float. Downstairs in the main building are technical rooms, as well as all heavy equipment such as fuel (1050 liters) and water (950 liters) tanks, batteries, generator, desalter and air conditioning.

Sailing life

planning planning view planning planning view
Length, m19.80
Width, m12.05
Draft, m1.80
Displacement, t22.5
Sail area, m2206
Fresh water, l950
Fuel, l1050
ArchitectJoubert nivelt
Mast height27

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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