Sailing boat Dufour Grand Large 430

Following the recently announced Dufour 390, the Dufour Grand Large 430 represents a new generation of yachts in the Grand Large cruise line of the French shipyard Dufour Yachts.

The updated shape and structure of the hull, designed by the architect Umberto Felci, brings the range of Dufour cruising yachts as close as possible to their luxury line Exclusive. In addition, the great interior, wide stern and bulwark integration make the hull more spacious and functional.

The new hull design has completely changed from bow to stern. The strong demand for yachts with spacious living spaces has led the shipyard to optimize the hull, which is now flatter and wider, and to maximize navigation efficiency. The width of the side aisles is still pleasing, and the roof is raised slightly higher, which makes the interior even brighter and more spacious, raising the standards of comfort. The deck design is also modernized and balanced. The balance, in this case, is a combination of aesthetics with a reasonable amount of space on board the yacht, plus the integration of new functions and the evolution of standard equipment.

The cabins and bathrooms of Dufour 430 are equipped with functional furniture made from high quality materials (moabi, oak, teak), as well as various accessories. But what is even more attractive is the increase in free space for equipment needed for long cruises.


planning planning view planning planning view planning planning view planning planning view
Length, m13.24
Width, m4.30
Draft, m2.10 / 1.75
Displacement, t9.5
Sail area, m292
Fresh water, l380
Fuel, l200
ArchitectUmberto felci
Engine50 h.p. / 60 hp
Mainsail52 m²
Genoa40 m²
Basic Price257 675 €

* More detailed information can be obtained by ordering the catalog


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