2019 Dufour 460 Grand Large

Year: 2019

Maximum length, m 14.15
Maximum width, m 4.50
Draft, m 2.20
Displacement, kg 10.760
Sail area, m2: 99.80
Genoa 47
Mainsail 52.80
Engine, h.p. 55
Fresh water 530
Fuel 250
Architect Umberto Felci

Sailing boat Dufour Grand Large 460 combines exceptional performance and pure comfort. No sailing enthusiast has been able to resist this majestic appearance with a new hull and deck design. The 13m cruising yacht is easy to sail and optimized for travel, with three different seating options, improved living areas, spacious cabins, ergonomic steering wheel and optimal engine control.

Dufour yachts together with an architect Umberto felci created the perfect seating area, with an equipped galley exterior, long deck seats, and a wide aft transom. Deck lines are transformed by handrails and wood paneling, while portholes create bright and elegant interior spaces.

Test drive of the cruise yacht Dufour 460

There is currently one slot available for June 2019! Brand new yacht from the shipyard. Interparus Yachting is the official representative of the Dufour Yachts shipyard. When buying a yacht, training with the issuance of an international certificate Bareboat Skipper IYT as a gift. Also yacht registration under any flag, ferry, selection of parking in the marina, crew selection is carried out.


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